How to Join

Join the ListServ

Go to this link, Cycling ListServ, to sign up on our ListServ. We use the ListServ to disseminate club information like meeting times, upcoming events, opportunities, etc. This is our primary communication outside of meetings and Facebook.

Attend Club Meetings

If you would like to know more about the club and what we do and get involved, then attend our club meetings. Club meetings are announced via the ListServ. Our meetings are usually held on Tuesday around 8:00pm at the Ramsey Center, but these times, dates, and locations are subject to change periodically. As a member, we encourage you to remain active and to attend the meetings. These meetings, however, are not mandatory unless otherwise noted.

Pay Club Dues

In order to be a member of the club you must pay dues. If you plan on racing, whether in the Fall or Spring semester, you must pay $100 for the year. If you do not plan to race, but want to join the club for the special discounts, group rides, and participate in club activities, then dues are $50. If you pay the $50 and then decide you want to race, then all you need to do is pay another $50. These dues will help cover race entry fees and reimbursements.